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About IATVHSS (Iowa ATV Hare Scramble Series)

Founded in 2004 by Andy & Tracy Kyner with the help of many family and friends, as a Fun, Family-Orientated ATV Racing Series for Everyone! 2017 marks our 14th Year Racing!! The first IATVHSS ATV Race was at "The Farm" near Indianola, Iowa in 2004. The Heartland Challenge, the 10-Hour Endourance Race, started in 2008, with 2017 marking the 10th Anniversary for the Heartland.

IATVHSS has Race Classes for Adults and Youth in ATVs. Adult ATV Races are 2-Hour Endurance Races, Cross-Country (XC/Woods)

We also feature Adult UTV/SXS Racing. UTV Races are on Saturday Evenings and run for 1 Full Hour, Cross-Country (XC/Woods)

IATVHSS also created the Heartland Challenge - a 10-Hour ATV Team-Race, as well as an Ironman (Solo!) Class!

For IATVHSS Questions or Inquires:
Andy & Tracy Kyner
2486 190th Ave
Carlisle, IA 50047, USA

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MEET THE RACERS: Meet Walker Fowler this week!!
Meet the ATV Racers: Walker Fowler

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