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Race Registration Information:

IATVHSS Pre-Registration >>

(AXCC Co-Sanction Pre-Registration)


  • ATV AA: $55.00 (Payout)
  • Open Utility: $50.00 (Payout)
  • ATV Adult: $40.00
  • ATV Youth: $25.00
    Minor Release Form (Required)


  • UTV/SXS Classes: $75.00​ (Payout)

  • Gate Entry Fee per Person: $15.00
    (Entry fee good for full weekend!)
    (Gate closes at 11pm)

    Registration Times:

    You must be signed up 1 hour before race start time!

  • LATE Registration is an Extra $20.00!

  • Registration is open the Day of the Race at the Registration Trailer.
    Please show up early to allow enough time for registration, numbering, tech inspection, helmet check, check out the sponsors, etc.

    Open the file with Microsoft Word, ​Fill out and ​email back ​to info@iatvhss.com.

    ​If paying by way of PAYPAL, use this link: PAYPAL
    Send PayPal payments to: IATVHSS@msn.com

    If paying by check or money order AND the payment will not arrive by Thursday, please contact Tracy.

    Mail checks and forms to:
    3472 S23 Hwy
    ​Carlisle, IA ​50047

    If you have any questions with the registration process, please call 515-971-3136

    ** If you would like to Pre-Register for the ENTIRE RACE SEASON, please contact us to receive a Discount! **

    Heartland Challenge Registration Info - Click Here

    IATVHSS Sponsors

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