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Old October 4th, 2009, 08:03 AM
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Default Round # 6 Mt Pleaseant Ia

Round # 6
Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Greenhurst Farms

Well if you know me by now you know how I like to always start with
A catch phrase, but with all the races being so good this year I am starting
to run out of them. You know words like Wow, Dang, Awesome or Spectacular
so I got left is old school‘s now.

All I can say about this track is “Holy Cow” and I don’t mean Batman either,
the track and surrounding layout mixed in with the perfect weather conditions
Again made it another memorable race in our 2009 season.
The IATVHSS crew laid out a perfect mix for the youth and even a 50cc cutoff
for safety reasons to ensure everyone was getting equal riding time. Well let’s see
what we have, 2 creek sections, check; hills, check; tight and twisty, check;
fast wide open got to hang on to it sections, double check.
Well we have to go back still even farther to build this weekend and it started
out with the youth running everywhere, first they were at the pond fishing, then
they were at the skate park, and then you see them down in the stream, back up
to bother mom and dad for a snack and do it all over again; it was just fun
watching them. It was good to see them all playing again, I never get tired of
seeing what drama or story they will make each time.
Well the side x Side race gets under way and we have our own wagon train
heading down to the stream where it is said that the wagons heading east came
through there and you can still see the log crossing and if you were really
adventurous like we were you could go see the grave yard with numerous dates
from the 1860’s to 1880’s.
We make it to the stream with no wagon wheels falling off or any trouble in sight
that we can tell yet at least with I know probably 12-15 youth all scattered on
quads and Vanpattens party machine ( Side x Side); not to mention another
10 adults. Call me whimpy but watching all the youth out there playing and
skipping rocks I could help but wonder how many of them youth in that
“Wagon Train” did the same thing in the same exact spot 100 years ago?
Well right off the get go all the boys were in the water holding up there shorts
so they would get them wet, yea right; and the first one under is the ole river rat
himself Gabe McCaughey, then Cole Deskin, Brian Johnson, Brock Kyner
and Keegan Crawford was all swimming like it was the middle of summer still.
The girls were busy to however with Bailey Vanpatten gathering pretty rocks
for moms rock garden, Bailey Steuben was hunting for muscle shells and
Shyanne Stevenson had found a feather and stuck it in her hair and digging
with her hands in the sand bank, not sure what she was looking for though?
Dakota Stevenson and Hunter Vanpatten were having yet another competition
only this one not on the track but on the water to see who can skip rocks the
At one point we had all the youth bent over and digging in the sand bank
which looked more like a pack of prairie dogs or ground hogs digging a den, and
when every time a UTV would come racing by they would lift their heads out long
enough to cheer them on then go back to digging. To tell the truth I think Shyanne
was having them do all her digging for her at the time and they just didn’t know
it. The UTV race going full speed now and all the youth are having a ball when
we hear this awful yell from Dakota Stevenson telling his sister Shyanne
to stop climbing that tree like a monkey and get down which got all our
attention’s and there was Shyanne up about 15 feet like a trapped raccoon
watching the race feather still in hair.
It was a great time down at the creek crossing with all the youth and parents and
it really rates up there as a most memorable moment for all. Andy and Tracy will
be happy to know however that as we all were loading up to head back we looked
for Brock and there he was up stream from his shoes and socks which are now
floating down stream from him; when asked” what are you doing” he replied that
he was washing his clothes. Well I don’t know about the clean clothes part but at
least the sand won’t find Tracy’s washer this time around. All the youth lined back
up and it is time to yell “Wagon’s Hooo “and head back for a night sleep for the
big race.
Race Day
All the youth are lined up to head for the practice lap and in normal fashion
I run around like a circus clown trying to make heads of it all and grabbing who
I can for help, I see poor Dave Rink sitting aboard his race ready ride and
ask him if would like to help out on the parade lap. Well , with a very enthusiastic
yes he was right in line with us. You see that is what makes this series different
from all the rest in the nation and that is the willingness of all the parents,
siblings and workers wanting to help out at a drop of the pin and for that I say
Thank you because you are giving back to something good; “Our Future”.
Now following behind the 50 pro class in practice and I see # 137 Kayden
Dyer taking alternate lines every time he see’s one, what an eye, and then I have
# 305 Alexa Noble who I have been watching all year and really coming along
way from the start of the season, but today she seems to be having minor
difficulties but from fellow rider behind with no mean intentions is # 48
Kylie Colsch giving her a little help from behind with a push to get going again.
Over and over again I will say it so just get tired of it now, that is sportsmanship
in the making right there.
Still # 137 Kayden is all hyped up and ready to roll still taking all kinds of lines
and now standing up moving back and forth like he has a problem with his seat;
this rider is ready to rumble.
50 cc pro class
The 50 pro class hole shot goes to # 198 Brock Kyner with # 341 Brock Steuben
right in his rear tires while # 367 Tucker Rath and # 83 Jacob Bentz battle it out
for the remaining woods entrance.
50 cc stock class
The 50 cc stock class holeshot goes to # 221 Mr. social Chase Deskin and # 137
picture man and his helmet cam on board Kayden Dyer, but they have company
with # 48 Kylie Colsch in 3rd and # 512 Brice Gibler running a close 4th and
Not giving an inch to those left behind him after the pass was made on # 99
Landon Criswell. # 305 Alexa Noble barely gets by # 24 Adam Serck before
Adam has to drop back in for his line. Now at the 1st lap the 50 course is already
getting very well marked out while # 198 Brock Kyner stays out front coming
through scoring with a good lead but not far off in the distance you can hear that
sound we all know an love so well from the sound of a mad nest of hornets or in
this case a mad nest of baby yellow jackets; that loveable 2 stroke sound and I am
not talking about that little wimpy bee from Cheerios cereal either.
# 341 Brock Steuben is on the gas and looking confident while getting a little
wheelie exiting the scoring lane but # 137 Kayden has caught his grove and is
all business today as well and I really expect to see some racing from these 2.
# 512 Brice is not far behind them with # 48 Kylie doing a great job in the scoring
lane an getting a little sideways after the first turn in the tight wooded section
entering the open fields. Now I am back at the creek section and once again I am
able to catch another glimpse at # 48 Kylie making it look smooth and easy and
even getting a little slide going up the small uphill exit and I am sure we can all
say that it was through the drive through to go and a smile on the side or was that
# 305 Alexa seeming to have some small problems getting her ride up the small
uphill after the creek but it just might be a matter of her being dialed down a little
bit, either way I feel this rider is ready for the action. Coming around the first turn
at the creek section is # 83 Jacob with company on him of # 198 Brock Kyner and
# 511 Kelsey Gibler while # 137 Kayden pulls a fast one on the outside line on
Kelsey and tucks back in just in time.
# 316 Nicholas Serck having no problems in the 2nd creek crossing making it look
easy as well and his ride really seems to be dialed in for this track. There are an
abundance of parents once again all over this course helping out and this creek
crossing is a favorite cause one can view 3 different sections of the track with
only a short 15 yard walk.
# 314 Brock Steuben, # 305 Alexa and # 367 Tucker all seem to have a little
fast pace game of follow the leader and having fun. You can’t see the smiles
under them helmets but you know they are there.
Off in the distance I can hear # 221 Chase's dad giving him some encouragement
out in the woods while # 99 Landon and # 511 Kelsey are going at it coming
through the timber before scoring.
# 24 Adam having a good ole time in the slick shell rock as well letting her hang
out with # 99 Landon , # 198 Brock Kyner an # 221 Chase have got it all mixed
up here in the end, but # 99 Landon seems to be having a little bit of a problem
getting going with only 10 minutes left and I am sure that all of them are tired at
this point due to the tight course the crew laid down.
# 512 Brice has a look of determination on his face through his goggles while
trying to catch up to the front of the pack with # 48 Kylie and # 341 Brock
Steuben right on her tail and both look like they are ready to throw down and
neither giving in an inch.
# 316 Nicholas is on the gas with # 367 Tucker inspecting his tail pipe and while
still standing not showing any sign of tired he hit the little tree log section after
the creek section bring the front wheels right over the top in the air like a pro,
clearing it easily; wonder where he saw that one at? # 198 Brock Kyner back here
in the tight wooded section is held up by another rider getting caught side ways
in the course from a close encounter of the tree kind but the parents are right there
on both of them and gets them back on course in a flash. As I move on to get
back to the finish line the course is so well marked out and visible now but I come
across # 511Kelsey an # 99 Landon hung up with each other as well in the fast
section exiting the tight woods where if one makes a mistake it will be costly with
the speed they are caring through here, but again I and more parents get them
going again and they are back on the gas like nothing ever happened. # 99 Landon
takes an alternate line getting around # 511 Kelsey. As we head in for the last lap
while behind these 2 riders they are still going at it like the race just started not
knowing this is the last lap. It is really amazing to watch these youth over come
out here making big decisions and overcoming the challenges.
Well, in the end again in the 50 cc Pro class it was # 198 Brock Kyner for 1st,
# 341 Brock Steuben in 2nd and # 367 Tucker Rath in 3rd and not more than 45
seconds between them here in the end.
In the 50 cc stock class it is # 137 Kayden Dyer for 1st with # 512 Brice Gibler in
2nd and rounding out the top 3 for 3rd is # 221 Chase Deskin. Wow what a great
50 cc youth race so now it is time to play again.
90 cc Pro class
Well the track is clear and ready to be ripped up by the pros and other classes.
All elbows up, heads down, thumbs on throttles and we are ready to rock.
The hole shot in the 90cc pro class goes to # 234 Wheelie Master himself Dakota
Stevenson with # 350 Hunter Hollywood Vanpatten in 2nd while # 233 Shyanne
Sparky Stevenson and #154 Nicholas Thomas get tangled up in the first entrance,
but with plenty of course parents and workers there they are back up and running
and it is all gas and grass; wow that was a good one, huh?
90 Stock class
In the 90 stock class the hole shot goes to # 517 McCain Jennings with # 300
Keegan, Mr. consistency Crawford getting hung up with # a large group of
riders at the same time while # 75 Brain briman Johnson tucks in for a good
line to the entrance but he has some tuff company on his tail with # 464
Tessa Kellison right after him. The majority of the class has passed on through
but # 194 Kylea Curnutt is still trying to get it up and running but there are a
pack of NASCAR look a likes all over that rider trying to get them going again.
70cc class
Holeshot goes to # 42 Kjersten Colsch with # 199 Brady Freight train Kyner right
after her and gets a little side ways on the first turn but brings it back under control
just in time for the first turn.
Back at the creek crossing where all of us always seem to go which tells me there
is still a little bit of a mud dobber in all of us still and from here you can see 3
different areas of the track so it is a hot spot for the parents as well. Coming
out behind us already heading into scoring is #234 Dakota and # 350 Hunter
who are really setting down a blistering pace already early on and behind them
is another intense battle with #360 Joe Miklus III with the Diamond Duo of
# 233 Shyanne Stevenson and # 359 Bailey Steuben.
The leader of the 90 cc stock class # 222 Cole Blue ridge bad boy Deskin and
# 517 McCain Mr. Mx Jennings are all over each other as well. If this is what
the whole day is going to be like, wow; these youth are racing their hearts out
on the first lap already. At the creek section now # 234 Dakota has the lead still
but # 350 Hunter is not giving in and right there on him. Back behind me again
# 300 Keegan, # 299 Dalton Thompson and # 154 Nicholas Thomas are making
their way to scoring already but I can hear # 300 Keegan already yelling for
a pass on another rider off in the distance. Making their way around the back side
is # 351 Gabe River Rat McCaughey, # 75 Brian and # 464 Tessa Kellison all
over each other but as # 464 Tessa comes by me she yells rider down in back
so I jump on my trusty ole steed and we gallop our way to find the rider. Sorry,
I still got wagon train on my mind. It is amazing that even at this age these youth
are watching out for each other out there which I have seen so many times.
I now have to pull over to give the trail up to # 300 Keegan and # 299 Dalton
and neither one of these riders are giving an inch on each other. # 351 Gabe and
# 154 Nicholas are now coming up behind me as well looking really good today
and ready to do battle. I have made a full circle now and apparently one of the
other course workers has gotten to the rider because all seems to be rolling smooth.
I step back off the course to watch some of the action in the tight wooded
section before scoring and # 571 Sky Volkmer and # 522 Adam Weckel make
their way around the twisty tight section with ease, while # 75 Brian, # 464
Tessa and # 354 Travis Johnston all fly by me with # 464 Tessa getting a little
wild on the corner turn but hangs on still to # 75 Brian’s grab; looks as though
this girl has got a mission today. # 996 Toby Thompson coming out of the creek
now and his machine cutting out a little bit early on but makes his way around
the corner and it seems to be cleaning out already as I hear the pipe.
# 991 Marshall Anderson has got company behind him with # 75 Brian and
# 464 Tessa and they both go for the pass after the creek section first # 75
Brian good and clean now comes # 464 Tessa barely squeezing in, don’t know
what has gotten into these 2 today but “Dang” they are all over each other.
#464 Tessa Kellison has come such a long way this year it is really great to
see her get down to business now. You go girl!
We are at about the half way point now and here comes # 234 Dakota is still in
the lead with # 350 Hunter right on him going into the creek section, but wait a
minute # 234 seems to have miss shifted or something and # 350 Hunter was right
there to strike and made the pass, now we have yet another switch in positions
in the 90 cc pro class, this is a race that pro’s should be jealous of right now.
Back around the corner from the creek one of the course parents has moved one
of the logs that has been giving some riders a problem getting hung up and again
that is what makes this youth series so safe and fun is all the parents on hand
to help and the course workers right there to keep everything going.
# 199 Brady is all gas and all business right now looking comfortable back on his
old ride again while # 42 Kjersten Colsch looks to have a very promising
race going as well still standing and showing no sign of wear and tear.
# 194 Kylea Curnutt and # 243 Blake Steuben make their way by in a blaze
with a good 30 second lead over a large group of riders coming out of the fast
back sweeper.
# 996 Toby, # 359 Bailey, # 233 Shyanne, # 222 Cole and # 517 McCain all
running such a tight race the parents are going to have to use crowbars to pry
these riders apart. Bailey and Shyanne have switched positions numerous times
already as have McCain and Cole, there has to be something in the water up here
because all these youth are racing faster than I have seen them do all year!
We have 3 different classes with change in leaders more than once already today,
this straight up Monster energy drink racing. # 522 Adam and # 380 Colin Rink
doing battle with each other now while # 380 Colin is on a different ride this race
while his brother # 381 Cody Rink is making his mark in the 90 stock
class now and this might be another team to keep our eye on.
Making my way back around again in the fast sweeper section I come across
# 42 Kjersten who has tangled with a tree and lost, it seems her right front tire had
caught the edge and just spun her around with her hand and wrist taking the
most force. The workers and course parents are already there and we put Kjersten
on back and we head in to get her looked at, she was having a great race to.
Kjersten takes it like a trooper though and who ever said girls aren’t tough has’nt
met this one yet then. (New info is she is ok and looks to be a ring finger broke
Perhaps) We wish you well Kjersten and hope to see ya this weekend. The
workers stay with her machine ensuring she gets it back ok and seems to be a
bent or broken tie rod.
Well it seems that # 234 has dropped off the pace for now with a bent rim and
tie rod his self, what a shame they had such a superb race going to, but you never
know anything can happen in a race. #222 Cole is still out front of # 517 McCain
and both still battling it out while coming around also is once again # 359
Bailey out front of # 233 Shyanne and there has not been more than 2-3 seconds
between these 2 all day. Right after this battle is # 199 Brady, # 991 Marshall,
# 154 Nicholas, # 75 Brian, # 464 Tessa and # 300 Keegan, wow what a scary
line up of riders all over each other like bee’s on honey, like ants at a picnic,
like stink on; well you get the idea!
# 354 Travis makes his way through the creek now with # 353 Nate Guffey right
there ready to make his move. # 517 McCain machine is down right now at the
creek section and after a couple times trying to get him going I remembered where
his dad was and elect to go get him who knows more about his machine than us.
Arrive on scene in nothing flat and little this and a little that McCains dad has got
him going again. I will always do what ever I can to keep a racer going and have
them finish the race with in safety reasons, a lot of us workers and parents know
a lot about different machines and how to get them going again, but sometimes
it just takes that one little trick or gimmick to get it going again that only
the parent knows.
# 996 Toby and # 351 Gabe coming through now still both running hard in the last
10 minutes or so left in the race. # 243 Blake still standing looking strong exiting
the creek section while # 194 Kylea is breathing down his neck. # 75 Brian
has made his around # 300 Keegan and I am sure this is going to be a heated battle
as it has been all day, but both of them better watch out because # 464 Tessa
is just waiting in the shadows behind for a mistake or a chance to pass.
# 199 making his way around the creek with no problems out by himself but he
better watch out here comes the Diamond Duo again of # 233 Shyanne and # 359
Bailey and now Shyanne has the lead over Bailey, man I don’t know who is
more excited over this race the parents or me; they have truly been at it with each
other for over 35 minutes non stop so far.
# 354 Travis coming around the corner back in the tight woods on 2 wheels, there
is no slowing this kid down yet, while # 233 Shyanne seems to have put some
distance between her and her friend # 359 Bailey but now # 350 Hunter is
coming around to challenge her for a pass here at the end .Making my way back
around I see a machine all by it self with no rider so I am off to locate the rider
to make sure all is ok and this will take me to the end of the race I am sure.
It was a great race by all standards and again the most energized one I have
seen yet by these youth.
In the end for the 90 cc pro class it was # 350 Hunter Hollywood Vanpatten for 1st
, # 233 Shyanne Sparky Stevenson for 2nd and rounding out the podium was
# 360 Joe Miklus III for 3rd.
In the 90 cc Stock class it was none other than # 222 Cole Blue ridge bad boy
Deskin for 1st, # 351 Gabe the river rat McCaughey for 2nd and # 299 Dalton
Thompson for 3rd.
In the 70cc class is was everyone’s own # 199 Brady freight train Kyner for 1st,
# 243 Blake all business Steuben for 2nd and # 522 Adam Weckel for 3rd.
Wow what a race that really was and I can’t wait to see what the last race will
Thanks and see ya at Carlisle
Scott B Johnson # 575

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