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Thread: Oil Coming out blow back hose

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    Default Oil Coming out blow back hose

    I just noticed on my 450r yesterday that some engine oil was dripping out of a hose by the air filter. The hose goes into or comes from the top of the transmission/clutch part of the engine. Anyone have any ideas, I though about either to much oil pressure, or bad rings but I dont know much. Any opinion would be good

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    Did you possibly over fill with oil?

    google the problem and there be alot of ideas for you~ good luck hope its a simple fix

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    how is your oil on your transmission

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    I have the 08 yamaha (its ok dont feel to sorry for me) i only fill in the oil getting blow by though so im thinkin my rings are bad already with only 15 hours on a rebuilt motor

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    The last couple times I have changed it, it doesn't seem like much comes out, so maybe oil from the tranny is going into the engine side?

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    I dont know really~Hopefully one of the Honda guys can chime in to help ya with that one~hope you get it worked out~good luck

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    What year Honda? The 04-05 450r has a vent hose that commonly got put on the carb but it actually goes on the black plastic under tank.. It would pressurize the trans side and blow it through the check valve or crank seal check that hose and them ride and check BOTH side and see if one is getting fuller while the other is getting less.

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    My 06 did that due to a crack in the piston witch was pressurizing the crankcase every time i turned it over even without it running. My guess is if your quad still runs your rings are starting to let go building pressure in the crankcase and pushing the oil out

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    It is an 05 engine, So I will have to look into all of that asap, Its still running good, starts first kick, but thanks for the help, I obviously know something is wrong.

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    My 04 has done that and it was the clutch side crank seal. If you are going to do this repair yourself you might consider buying two seals cause I ruined the first doing it myself. This can be done without splitting the case but its not simple to remove and install.

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